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#needsmoarpornstache ™ is not used enough! ™ is now overused "b metal" means rage *aridoesntcareabout *blackpeople *bryan wants you *jake loves the homeless *paulinemakes *peopleshit *themselves *with his penis 1 million x the fiber! 2 cups 1 rob 4 tds in one game 4chan is great 5thelementkilledjesus 18 times!!! 360doesntreacharound 500 magnum=erection! a.d.d.i.a.s ac hates gays ackles fever adolph ftw! agent hocken ahhh man the harpoon! aids > dr. who aids < dr.who > star trek alamo basement al bundy > brett al gore luvs the tubes! aliens all dressed chips ftw america hates ed arachnid amberlamps ari<3's dolls ari's 10 foot pole ari's evil twin ira ari's hebrew national ari's wife is hot ari + ed = the rape bros ari = freddy? ari=ignit ari = pedo ari = potterfag ari = serial rapist ari=slashficwriter ari can haz bonerz? ari has a serious problem ari has seen ed's pooper ari haz power! ari is a cloud ari is a rapist ari is illiterate ari is pretentious ari lies about running ari plays with dolls ariportman centipede ari ruins things ari wants thumb anal ari wears naruto boxers arod is a dick arod is a rod arthouse zombie asap asians can't butt fuck asians cant drive ass asshurtness atleastidontlikesliders at least it isn't pbr avp > edved awesome awesome show azns are crazy b'ssis=wreeeecked bald snatch is bald baltar rules banhamster batman beaches can suck it best thread ever!!! bigb<3sslickweenies BiG B+nerdious=4Ever big b = beast big b = no beast big b = not a douche big b = old big b = yankee fan big b fails at life big b is rob's dad bigbsucksbrettfavre big chix from jersey ftw! big fake butter whore billydon'tlosethatnumber billy has shitty eyes billy mitchell = douche billy wants 3hockens blaaarggg blackpeople suck blame azns bl no t? 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when threads go sandler where is ed's mind whiteboyday whywontujustlovegod? wiebeisapussy wok it up fuckers women suck yalljealous yankees are the greatest yankees suck yes good food is good yes on portman you all is food tardz! you know you want to. you sad sacks zarate kid zoidberg misused zombies zombies!!!

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